A Checklist On What Not To Bring On Moving Day

By | November 26, 2016

Some items require special packing before moving long distances. Know what they are, now.

In most cases, fragile items, such as fine china or antique paintings, require special packing and handling before being moved. But some of us may not know that there are other items that require extra care, as well. These items, which moving companies will not move if not properly prepared, should not be moved along with other moving supplies .

Here’s a checklist on what not to bring, or let moving companies move for you, on moving day.

* Hazardous Materials These items are flammable, corrosive, or explosive. Depending on what state you reside in or plan to move to, these hazardous materials are usually illegal to move and must be properly disposed beforehand. If you have any of these items on the list, you may call your local recycling pickup service. You may also ask for assistance from the fire station or the nearest EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) office on how you can safely dispose these items.
o Acid
o Sterno hydrocarbon jelly packaged in a small can for use as a portable heat source for cooking
o Gasoline
o Charcoal
o Pesticides
o Motor Oil
o Fertilizer
o Lighter Fluid
o Car Batteries
o Liquid Bleach
o Aerosols
o Live ammunition
o Kerosene
o Chlorine
o Used chemistry sets
o Paint (Enamels and automotive paint) – Water based paint in cans is not flammable, but the aerosol that acts as a propellant can be.
o Fireworks
o Paint Strippers that contain methylene chloride
o Armed Weapons
o Herbicides
o Lamp Oil
o Cleaning Liquids
o Ammonium
o Propane
o Perishables

If you’re moving locally, through the use of the right moving supplies and proper packing, it is possible to bring perishable goods with you. Just remember that spoilage can occur quickly even in cold temperatures. So be careful in handling dairy products, meat and eggs.

Moving longer distances may, however, obligate you to dispose perishables. In the process, look for a new home for your large plants that will not fit in moving boxes. Household or indoor plants may be brought with you if they are properly packed and stored.

* Highly-Valuable Items These items don’t necessarily have a high price value. These items are rather highly sentimental and should not be shipped or moved via a moving company. As much as possible, have items of high value conveniently near you. No matter how far or how near you’re moving, it is very important to photocopy all important documents just in case. This includes identification, licenses, or insurance records. When packing, along with other important moving supplies, you should be certain if you really want a moving company to move these items for you.
o Video tapes that contain personal footage
o Home movies
o Address Books
o Personal Files such as licenses, passports, birth certificates, insurance records
o Flight Tickets
o Photos or Photo Albums
o Keys (Car, House, Safety Boxes, etc.)
o Wills or Deeds
o Tax Records
o School Records
o Jewelry
o Personal Collections (Coins, Stamps, Trading Cards, etc.)
o Letters
o Computer Software
o Computer Hard drives
o Artwork
o Medicine